Dr. Farshad Badie

I am a logician and information-decision scientist and am currently a researcher at the Center for Natural and Formal Languages at Aalborg University, Denmark. I hold a Ph.D. in 'Human-Centred Communication and Informatics' (with a special focus on Logic, Cognition, and Learning) from Aalborg University (2017) and an M.Sc. (graded with honour) in Software IT (specialised in Information Systems) from the University of Debrecen, Hungary (2013).

About me

Research Interests

  • Logic and Cognitive Processes
  • Logic and Language

  • Ontologies and Cognition

  • Interaction-based Knowledge Building/Sharing

  • Interaction-based Reasoning

  • Logical aspects of Rationality

  • Impacts of Artificial Intelligence to Society

Managerial Interests

  • Logical modelling of information processing in different scenarios
  • Knowledge modelling within socio-technical communities
  • Ontological modelling/analysis of goals, needs, and problems
  • Knowledge management based on formal and informal modelling of complex data structures
  • Formal/informal reasoning in order to find the best possible solutions for different problems, questions, and requirements
  • Modelling specific patterns for decision making and judgement


  • Email Address: {my family name}@id.aau.dk

  • Postal Address: Rendsburggade 14, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark

  • Skype ID: farshad_badie

  • Twitter: @Farshadbadie