Dr. Farshad Badie

About Me

I received my PhD in Human-Centered Communication & Informatics (HCCI) from Aalborg University (AAU) in 2017. I am currently a visiting postdoctoral researcher at the Research Group 'Natural & Formal Languages' and the Center for Linguistics at AAU (Denmark). I am also a Blended Learning Associate Lecturer at Arden University (UK).

My Research Interests

Generally, my research focuses on formal/philosophical logic and their applications in semantic/terminological knowledge modelling as well as in the analysis of human and artificial cognition. More specifically, my research interests lie in the areas of:

  • Knowledge Representation
  • Logic & Cognitive Processes
  • Logic & Natural Language Understanding
  • Logic-based Artificial Intelligence / Semantic Artificial Intelligence
  • Logic-based Agents
  • Interaction-based Knowledge Building/Sharing

My Keywords